$10 - $15 - Mixed Red

Our Summer SALE Mystery Cases are exciting selections of wines left in quantities too small to make it into regular sale cases—with the promise of serious savings, world-class quality and delicious variety in every case (while stocks last).


12 bottles – $129.88


The Ultimate Summer Red

Perfect Summer Pinot Noir

Why do we love Pinot in summer? It has ripe, red-fruit flavors, is delicious lightly chilled and pairs well with warm-weather foods. See out summer in style with a gold-medal French release, silky California exclusives and more for JUST $13.99 each.


12 bottles – $167.88


Cabernet Showdown: California vs. The World


Four rich California classics from the excellent 2018 vintage are taking on fine releases from some of the world's top regions, including glory-vintage Bordeaux and more. Taste them all for yourself at over 25% OFF.


12 bottles – $169.88


Rich Red Favorites at 30% Off

Harvest Sale Reds Fifteen

Our customers adore smooth, bold reds—and that’s the reason these flavor-packed bestsellers are such a hit. This sale collection includes Aussie powerhouse The Black Stump, Italian stunner Pillastro Primitivo and more for just $10.66 a bottle.


15 bottles – $159.85


Big Winners for Grilled Dinners

Gold-Medal BBQ Reds

These gold-medal-winning reds are a grill’s best friend—and yours at over 25% off for a limited time. You’ll enjoy lavishly rich releases from Australia, Portugal, France and beyond for just $13.32 a bottle.


12 bottles – $159.88


Remarkably Rich Cabernet—Over 20% Off


Cabernet has quite a following among our customers, and this new collection is sure to be a hit. These smooth, food-friendly selections all hail from top regions (such as California and France) and are yours for just $14.16 a bottle (over 20% off).


12 bottles – $169.88


Best of Summer Reds + Domitienne Trio

This fresh arrival is ready to ship. Add to cart and be among the first to taste it (and check back later for more details).


15 bottles – $186.85


World-Class Cabernet Showcase

International Cabernet Stars

Cabernet is the world’s favorite red. It’s no wonder winemakers all over the globe compete for a spot at your table. Enjoy some of the finest in our cellars, including a glory-vintage Bordeaux, Aussie blockbuster and more—all just $14.99 a bottle.


12 bottles – $169.88


Beautiful French Reds—Over 35% Off

Award-Winning French Reds Sale

French wines are highly regarded and often pricey, but not today. This case is filled with award winners and offers excellent value at over $80 off. Uncork a classy Bordeaux Supérieur, a 95-point Côtes-du-Rhône and more. All just $12.49 a bottle.


12 bottles – $149.88


Top 4 Golden State Discoveries

Top California Red Arrivals

California is home to some of America’s most delicious wines, and this collection brings you our favorite new arrivals at over 25% off. Sip a barrel-aged Cabernet from the Kapiniaris family, an ultra-rare Gamay from a 100-point estate and more.


12 bottles – $169.88